We get asked a lot of questions about our event module and its capabilities. In case you aren’t familiar with it, we’ve assembled a short list of the most asked questions, along with the answers.

Why did you create the Event Module?
As publishers seek to deepen their relationships with customers, they are turning to events, both face-to-face and online. The event module was developed to enable publishers to see a complete 360⁰ view of their customers. Because these customers are subscription- and product-buyers, we created an order management system that would support all types of purchases and registrations.

My event is hosted annually. How does Multipub handle annual events?
Events can be set up like products OR subscriptions, enabling users to conduct events as one-off or recurring.

Does Multipub have the capability to classify events?
With Multipub, users have the ability to define sessions separately. For example, if you’re hosting a conference, you can classify workshops or evening events differently. This flexibility allows users to bill additional amounts for special events if needed.

I have speakers at my event. Can I track these individuals separately?
Yes, you can create various attendee types and assign individuals to these groups. This means speakers can be classified separately, simplifying your invoicing process.

What are the event module’s export capabilities?
The event module has a variety of export capabilities. In addition to printing a list of registrants, you can also print badges from the system.

Can we coordinate online registration with your system?
Online registration is handled through our Mult-e-commerce module. It works seamlessly with the event module, giving you accurate registration counts and information.

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