Although deferring income is a common practice, many organizations must hire an accountant to track it for them. Because Multipub allows companies to earn revenue daily, users can save money on pricey accountant fees.

Multipub has two methods for recognizing revenue. It can be recognized when label runs are posted or by running the revenue recognition program, which is typically used for time-based subscriptions. When revenue is recognized, Multipub creates an entry in the DISTINC table with the:

  • General ledger distribution account number
  • Date of transaction (ship date of the labels and revenue received date)
  • Subs Number
  • Order number
  • Line number
  • New/renewal flag
  • Product code
  • Term
  • Copies
  • Order status
  • Issue date
  • Amount of the revenue

From this table, Multipub users can produce income reports by virtually any demographic. The reports can be selected for ship or issue date ranges. Multipub provides more detailed earned and deferred revenue analysis than any other system available today.