The Report Spooler
The report spooler holds a maximum of 999 versions of each report type across all users. When you’ve reached this number, the system will not create a new report. Instead, it will place a message in the spooler asking you to clean it. To prevent this from happening, regularly review reports that are four to six months old and delete the ones that are no longer needed.

With queries, you can have the same issue. Multipub will hold a maximum of 999 extents for each query. Set a monthly reminder on your calendar to remove extents that are no longer necessary, especially on a commonly used query.

Having a large number of open batches can create a significant increase in Multipub’s load time. Run the “delete empty batches” function every month. Remove items older than six months to keep your system operating efficiently.

Unposted Transactions
Clients should regularly check for unposted transactions. Look for items older than a couple of days. This will ensure everything is posted and not sitting in limbo. If they are left unposted, it can not only cause future data entry problems, but also take up unnecessary space.

Shipping Labels
Our last tip revolves around the unshipped report. Run it regularly to see if old shipping labels are still sitting out on the system.