Because Multipub exports into Excel, we spend a lot of time crunching numbers and creating tables in the program. Here are three tricks we find ourselves using all the time.

Choosing the “Filter” option in the “Data” menu automatically transforms your spreadsheet’s header into filterable options. This can come in handy when working with large amounts of data. Select the items by which you’d like to filter and sort and let Excel do the work for you.

With Excel, you can tie a group of cells together, so they can be collapsed or expanded by each category, making large amounts of data more digestible. You’ll find the “Group” button in the “Data” menu. This function can be especially helpful when used in tandem with the sub-total capabilities. After assigning groups, you can collapse each one and create sub-totals, which keeps your spreadsheet clean and easy to view. Do this by selecting the “Sub-Total” option in the “Data” menu. Keep in mind this option may appear grayed out if you are working with an Excel table. To add sub-totals to a table, you should first convert it to a normal data range.

Swap rows and columns with this easy-to-use feature. Simply, highlight the data you want flipped and copy it. Then, place your mouse in the field where you’d like the new data set to begin and right click. (This is often in a new worksheet.) At this point, you’ll see “Transpose” as an option under “Paste.” After selecting it, your rows will become columns and columns will turn into rows.