Our development team is continually looking at ways to adapt Multipub to better meet the demands of today’s market. With the rise of Internet sales, companies, like Apple and Amazon, provide a new, but independent revenue stream. Subscriptions purchased through these entities can be difficult to integrate into a company’s existing accounting system, as Apple and Amazon do not release specific customer records.

Now, Multipub has the capability to handle subscribers who only have an electronic or digital address (i.e. they do not have a physical address). With the updated platform, our clients can tie digital identifiers from Apple to customer records. Tracking Amazon sales works a little differently, as they do not supply any individual customer data. To manage this, Amazon is entered as a customer in Multipub. Purchases made there are downloaded into our platform in batches. An order is created with the number of units sold, along with the total sales amount (for that product). With this addition, Amazon and Apple sales can easily be included in the Multipub sales and revenue reports.