Making sure that your customer data is secure is one of the most important obligations you have to your clients and your organization. There are a number of steps you can take to design a secure system, including implementing a firewall and encrypting your data.

Transparent data encryption (TDE) offers a layer of security by encrypting the physical files of a database. It performs real-time, automatic I/O encryption and decryption of the data and log files. It does this by using an encryption key / secure passphrase stored in a separate database key store. Only authorized users accessing the data through authorized channels that have access to the secure passphrase may access the encrypted data.

Here are the four things we think you need to know about TDE:

  1. TDE happens behind the scenes. From a user’s perspective, they may not even know that the underlying files are encrypted, while anyone without authorization would be unable to access the data.
  2. It does not provide encryption across communication channels, so you’ll need to use other measures to fill in those gaps.
  3. The impact on performance is very low.
  4. Multipub now offers TDE protection for both Amazon hosted SaaS clients, as well as on-premise, Licensed Software clients. Please contact Lorna at or 913.362.8989 for more information.

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