Thompson Information Services – A Division of Columbia Books Information Services

Last month, we shared a little about our longtime client, Penny Publications. Today, we’re proud to share a profile featuring Thompson Information Services – a Multipub user for more than 19 years.

Since 1972, thousands of professionals in business, government, law and academia have relied on this publisher for the most authoritative, timely and practical guidance available. Thompson helps professionals in complying with the ever-changing regulatory mandates facing their organizations in a variety of areas, including:

  • Human Resources, retirement plans and employee benefits
  • Grant-seeking and grants management
  • Food & drug
  • Environment and energy
  • Health care
  • State and local funding
  • Securities regulation

Thompson Information Services monitors regulatory trends affecting business and government. As new developments occur, their national network of authors and team of accomplished in-house editorial experts act quickly to provide needed insight to customers.
Here’s what Denise Spicer, Director of Business Systems, had to say about our platform:

Which departments use Multipub at your company?

  • Applications
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Finance

How has your business changed in the last five years? How has Multipub adapted to meet your evolving needs?

The biggest change at our organization has been the addition of online content. We have worked with Multipub to find methods for effectively controlling access. Mult-e-commerce helps us to manage this piece, by integrating seamlessly with their platform and our website.

Why did your organization choose Multipub?

Before selecting Multipub, we went through a year-long vetting process. We found it was a great fit for our organization, because the staff was committed to helping us succeed. They were willing to customize their platform to meet our needs, and we valued the personalized attention they provided.

Which Multipub features are most beneficial to your organization?

The invoicing and renewal process are the features most beneficial to our company. We rely on their financial system.

In fact, our finance and marketing departments consider MultiPub to be our system of record.

Has Multipub done any customization for you?

They’ve done quite a bit of customization for us. Over the years, they have created a number of reports, including one for renewal rates, another for marketing campaigns and a customer reserve calculation report.