Multipub now measures customer engagement levels. We accomplish this by importing data from both your Content Management System (CMS) and your Email Service Provider (ESP) into our platform. Our flexible data tables capture information, like clicks, bounce rates, open rates, etc. The data is then aggregated, allowing you to answer relevant, meaningful questions about your customers, like:

  • Which types of information are they reading?
  • How recently have they accessed your content?
  • How many times have they read it?
  •  Are they opening your emails?

Interactions with both email and websites are then tied to an individual’s customer record. Attaching usage data in this manner creates a very powerful tool for managing your accounts. Knowing how much a customer is utilizing your content can help with selling renewals or upselling new opportunities. If a customer is not utilizing your content, you are at risk of losing their business. In this case, your sales and customer service teams can make every attempt showcase your site’s tools and original content.

Additionally, this information can help you create profiles of each customer. This will give your marketing and sales departments a deeper understanding of the topics or categories of content each person is most likely to access. This usage data makes it easier to target your marketing efforts and analyze your audience.

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