We are pleased to share our newly redesigned user portal is up and running. The site has internal search capabilities, allowing users to find the answers to their questions quickly and easily. Designed for Multipub customers, it offers access to:

  • Support documentation.
  • A full users’ manual.
  • Release note information.

Here’s how you can access the Multipub user portal:

  1. Visit support.multipub.com.
  2. Choose to Log In.
  3. Then, select Register.
  4. Now, create a username and submit an email address. A temporary password will be emailed to you.
  5. Your request will be sent to us for approval.
  6. After we’ve verified you’re a current Multipub customer, we will authorize you to view the secure content.
  7. Use this information to login back into the site. Once logged in, you can edit your password