Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing new capabilities from our most recent release notes. The first feature we’re discussing is how Multipub is measuring article views by connecting to a company’s CMS.


Under the Subscriber Inquiry/Subscriber View, Multipub now allows users to import usage from their CMS directly into our system. The new functionality can import the date and number of views by content topic. This means activity or usage can also be queried. The data collected can help you answer relevant, meaningful questions about your customers, like:

  • What kind of information are they reading?
  • How recently have they accessed your content?
  • How many times have they read it?
  • Are they opening your emails?

Knowing how much a customer is utilizing your content can help with selling renewals or upselling new opportunities. If a customer is not utilizing your content, you are at risk of losing their business. In this case, your sales and customer service teams can make every attempt showcase your site’s tools and original content.

To implement this new, customized feature, contact us at sales@multipub.com or 913.362.8989 for a quote.