Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared several posts describing new functionality available with our latest release. We’ve described how Multipub is measuring article views and discussed how new scanning capabilities are saving time and increasing accuracy. Today, we’re disclosing another, new, V.12 feature.

Physical addresses and contact information are no longer required for every subscriber record. Clients can now add subscribers with only an email address or digital identifier.

Having this capability has become more important with the increase in products available strictly online. With this new set-up, subscribers without a street address can be entered manually via data entry or imported in a group via web ASCII. Email addresses must be valid, because all duplicate detection is done based on these criteria.

To add this functionality to your system, Multipub will need to configure your company’s set-up controls to accommodate digital subscribers. Contact us at sales@multipub.com or 913.362.8989 for more information.