While we were at BIMS, we heard several presentations on earning revenue from your vast audience data. By utilizing engagement information, publishers can find and sell qualified leads to partners.

This data is valuable to many companies, because publishers often have what many businesses lack – demographic and contact information on a specific target market.

For example, an organic pet food company may want to find leads for dog owners who are most likely to purchase organic dog food. Simply looking for dog owners or organic-minded consumers produces way too many leads. Imagine if you could pinpoint magazine subscribers who are actually reading articles about the benefits of organic food for pets. This strategy results in a much more targeted data set of likely purchasers.

To do this, content providers need a robust, audience management system. Our platform, Multipub can help you answer questions about your subscriber base, like:

  • What kinds of information are they reading?
  • How many times have they read it?
  • Are they opening emails, and if so, to what are they responding?

With our reporting function, this information can be extracted for your own sales efforts or for that of other partners. For a demo of Multipub, contact us at sales@multipub.com or 913.362.8989.