On the blog, we will be discussing how to manage the sales funnel in Multipub over the next few weeks. Today, we’re sharing step one, building your prospect database.

Building your prospect database is the first step in acquiring new subscribers. There are a variety of sources for obtaining lists, and Multipub allows you to incorporate these into your sales funnel.

Multipub offers two different modules for assisting in utilizing these lists based on the terms of the list usage. If you rent a list for one time use only, we recommend you utilize our Finder Number Database module. This enables you to store the names for quick and easy access, but they are not pulled into the actual Multipub database until they register or subscribe. The names are assigned a unique Finder Number that can be included in their marketing piece. When the registration or order comes into our system, entering or importing the Finder Number will pull the name and all the demographic data from the Finder Number database and insert it into the Multipub database. After the names have been marketed the number of times allowed in the list rental agreement and you have given the recipients ample time to respond, the list can be deleted in its entirety from the database.

If you “own” the list and can market to the individuals repeatedly, Multipub contains a MultiList module for managing the records. This module allows you to store all the list codes for which that individual is a member. For example, if you import a list of visitors to your booth/table at a conference or show and some of those attendees are already in the database, the List Management module will append the list code for the conference to the individual’s record (instead of purging them as a duplicate record). This feature enables you to retain all the valuable relationships for an individual. For example, if visitors to the conference are valuable prospects who may visit you at a similar event next year, you will have that information via the MultiList record for that show in the database.

Focus: Marketing/Renewals Webinar Now Available
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Next week, we’ll be sharing Step 2, Nurturing the Lead. To learn more about these and other Multipub features, contact us at support@multipub.com.