We’ve been sharing how to manage the sales funnel in Multipub over the last few weeks. Today, we’re sharing step three, but you can find step one and step two on the blog.

All the information in Multipub will enable you to see which kinds of content are the most effective at nurturing and engaging your leads. Working to build their dependence on your content will help convert leads to customers.

There are several steps you might take to convert your leads to customers:

Tiered Access Levels
Publishers are having success creating a variety of content access levels. These may be based on any combination of prices, timeframes or quantities. For example, you may choose to allow access to up to three articles per month for no charge, but charge a small fee for up to seven articles per month. An unlimited access might be available for a larger fee. In order to use this structure with Multipub, you may use the Mult-e-commerce module, assign Product or Rate Codes for the different access levels and request to have the API’s update the designated user-defined field for “number of articles” in our platform.

Pay Per View
You may choose to have customers pay for every article they view. To utilize this feature in Multipub, simply create a product for pay per view (PPV) and send an order with the associated Article ID for each PPV.

Individual Orders
Of course, subscribers can purchase an individual subscription, and you may choose to allow them access to all the premium content areas of your site.

Site License
Subscribers may also be members of a larger Site License. Site Licenses are created in Multipub to manage both the order (the product, start/end dates, price, etc.) and the access (Which users have access to the site? Is it by named user list, IP addresses, domain names, etc.?). If you are selling large accounts, you may work with them to determine who should have access and how it should be managed. In some instances, it is much easier to sell a large corporate site license and grant all the individuals access through the site license than it is to manage a number of individual sales. The Mult-e-commerce site license capabilities will support these efforts.

Next week, we’ll be sharing Step 4, “Renew and sell additional products to your customers.” To learn more about these and other Multipub features, contact us at support@multipub.com.