Did you know that Multipub is the perfect database to support your marketing efforts? Multipub users can access various pieces of functionality to tie data to a traditional “Sales Funnel” model. This process suggests the best way to grow sales is by channeling prospects this way:

Prospect  ->  Lead  ->  Customer  ->  Repeat Buyer

This model works especially well for content providers, because content is the perfect vehicle for nurturing a lead.

In our blog posts over the next few weeks, we will be discussing how to manage the Sales Funnel in Multipub. Here is a quick overview of each area we’ll be covering:

Step 1
Build your prospect database. Utilize Multipub’s Finder Number Database and MultiList capabilities to help build your prospect database.

Step 2
Nurture the lead. Allow prospects to register for content, either free newsletters or a trial subscription period to gain familiarity with your brand.

Step 3
Convert the lead to a paying customer. Keep certain content reserved for strictly paying subscribers to convert leads.

Step 4
Renew and sell additional products to the customer. Manage your renewals and cross-sales opportunities to sell to your existing subscriber base.

To learn more about these and other Multipub features, contact us at sales@multipub.com.