We’ve been sharing how to manage the sales funnel in Multipub over the last few weeks. Today, we’re sharing step four, but you can find step one, step two and step three on the blog.

As you build your database of information about each subscriber, Multipub makes it easy to determine purchasing decision tendencies within your audience. In our platform, you can see:

  • Which products customers have purchased, how much money they have spent, and how many times they have renewed.
  • If they have purchased other products or attended events, along with their total lifetime value.
  • Which list they originally came from and all the other lists for which they were included.
    • This may be a key indicator of how the subscription was originally obtained, of which other outside demographic pools they are members and perhaps the products they’ve purchased from other companies.
  • The degree to which they are engaged with your brand.
    • For example, by pulling in the specific articles they have read and coding the taxonomy appropriately, you can discover which specific topics are of the greatest interest to the subscriber. Additionally, you may be able to discern if they are having difficulty logging in to your website or have lost interest in your product as time has passed.

All of this data can be pulled together and analyzed using our query tools. The information gleaned here can help you determine which products and prices should be presented to your subscribers.

To learn more about these and other Multipub features, contact us at support@multipub.com.