By Robert Tonchuk

Client data is the most important asset within your organization. However, you need the right tools to access it. With a robust reporting tool, you can find invaluable business intelligence data and use it to guide your decision making process. It can help you access:

  • Customer profiling and support.
  • Market research.
  • Information distribution channels.
  • Product profitability.
  • Sales performance by source, customer type, category, product grouping, business entities and pricing.
  • Payment method preferences.

Multipub offers a vast suite of reports and detailed data exports that clearly address these needs. It empowers you to not only analyze your business, but also the behavior of your clients. The Multipub structure, combined with its intelligent business logic, provides sophisticated and robust tools. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to conduct the extensive analysis needed to make well-informed decisions for your organization. It also will help you determine how to best communicate with your clients.

Nearly every report includes detail, summary and totals only options. They can be sorted by a myriad of criteria and imported easily into .csv versions enabling further analysis.

Today, we will focus on three reports commonly used by sales, marketing and finance departments.

  • The New/Renewal Activity Report
  • Renewal Tracking Report
  • Campaign Tracking Report

The New/Renewal Activity Report:
This report aggregates all transactions for a selected period of time. It has the following capabilities:

  • Users can choose to pull data by day, week, month or quarter. They may also choose specific start and end dates.
  • The report subtotals paid invoices, credit invoices, debit memos, cancels and payments made to every client by product and then, by new vs. renewal sales.
  • It can be run for one product, a selection of just a few, by product business type, or left wide open, so you can access the entire catalogue of products giving you a complete view of the sales for a selected period.
  • Each transaction is broken out by the dollar amounts for sales, miscellaneous charges, postage, tax and actual payment.
  • The .pdf summary report provides new sales and renewal sales by product. The summary page at the end of the report will roll up ALL products listed in the report and produce a consolidated total for all new business and renewal business in the requested period. The .pdf report provides an informative and complete high level overview of your business.
  • The detailed .csv output truly provides a wealth of information. This format allows users to further analyze sales by creating pivot tables, using group and sub-group functionality, or filtering on any of the following criteria:
    • Firm/Company and Entity/Parent
    • Source Code and Source Type
    • Sales Promotion Code and Sales Promotion Type
    • Sales Portal and Sales Territory/Sales Rep
    • Customer Type and Customer-Sub Type
    • Area of Interest, Customer Category, and Business Code
    • Product, Product Type, or Group Product Type
    • Rate Code Offer and/or Payment Method
    • Transaction Order Date, Contract Start Date and/or Expire Date
    • Location (by State or Country)
  • Additional fields can be added to the .csv output allowing users to add in any demographic information collected.

Renewal Tracking Report:
The Renewal Tracking Report details the number of orders and copies that are up for expiration each issue date in a selected date range. It also provides visibility into who has not renewed, who has, and how they renewed.

  • Like the New/Renewal Activity Report, this one can break out the information by rate, sales territory, source code, source type, order status and term and effort, along with many other fields depending on your reporting needs.
  • Furthermore, conversions (aka first time renewals) and renewals (those who’ve renewed more than once) are broken out within each selected sort option allowing users to evaluate the renewal performance by conversions and renewals. The summary page will roll up the responses for all expire pools within the period and provide users with a renewal rate for a specific period of time and product.
  • Additionally, the report also provides gross and net responses, as well as a pay up rate for those bill-me renewals that have since paid.
  • As with all Multipub reports, the .csv output allows for even further analysis by any of the following:
    • SIC Code, function, business and/or category code
    • Customer type, customer sub-type and area of interest
    • Rate offers for digital, print or both
    • Firm/company and entity/parent
  • Lastly, it also provides the existing order information, so you can analyze the changes made from the current order up for expiration vs. the recent renewal order.

Campaign Tracking Report:
While the Renewal Tracking Report supplies the overall renewal performance for a product, the Campaign Tracking Report follows the performance of the renewal campaign (or any other campaign) to help evaluate its success and contribution, as well as how your clients are responding.

  • Multipub allows you to create campaigns for new business, samples (forced free trials, requested free trials), non-paid to paid and any other type of campaign you might want to create.
  • For each effort of a campaign, this report lists the number of notices/emails sent, the number and percent of respondents to each and the percentage of paid respondents.
  • Additionally, the report breaks out the effort and responses by A/B split and by conversion, renewals and the sum of both conversions and renewals (listed as both).
  • The report can be run to analyze results by effort set or effort returned.

In next week’s installment of this series, we’ll share details on reports essential to accounting, fulfilment and customer service teams.

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