Fulfillment is much more complex today than it was even 5 years ago. With content and media companies diversifying their offerings, delivery types can range from printed labels to online access to PDF emails. In some cases, it involves integrations with third-party providers.

We are constantly working to ensure our platform supports publishers’ evolving needs. Multipub’s flexible design helps us meet the requirements for various delivery mechanisms by offering an unlimited number of delivery options. In addition to traditional “push” delivery methods (like shipping, mailing and email delivery), we also support various “pull” delivery methods (like authentication of users and content, site licenses and integration with other digital platforms).

When it comes to traditional mail fulfillment, our system integrates with Satori to provide quality contact addresses. Address correction and zip+4 assignment are all updated real-time as part of data entry. Satori can also be used with orders coming from the website to cleanse those addresses as well. Multipub has also integrated Satori’s NCOA processing, so NCOA updates can be applied with the click of a button. We can accommodate postal pre-sorts either with Satori or by sending electronic files to another third-party company for pre-sorting.

Our platform can integrate with UPS, FedEx and other shipping systems. We can also record tracking numbers in Multipub, making it easy to discover the status of shipments.

Carrier delivery can also be managed in Multipub. Each contact address can have a route, sequence, floor and walking order. Publications can be sorted into the order for which they will be delivered.

For those using our Mult-e-commerce module, API’s can be used to integrate the Multipub authentication with your content management system (CMS). Users can be authenticated for active orders, trials and site licenses.