I had the pleasure of serving on SIPA’s Board of Directors for the past two years, and it was a very rewarding experience for me, both personally and professionally.

I met many dynamic people who had either climbed to the top or had started their own business. I always left the meetings feeling challenged and encouraged to “do more.” Many of these inspiring individuals are women, and I loved being able to connect with other female professionals who are leading their organizations.

On a professional level, I was included in many discussions that offered insight into where organizations are expecting to head in the next few years. SIPA provides exceptional learning opportunities for all its members, and the content is driven by the board. I can honestly say each board member has an earnest desire to offer information that will provide the greatest benefit to the membership as a whole. This allowed me to learn more about which challenges companies are facing and how they anticipate publishing will continue to evolve.

In this day of the digital economy where individuals thrive on anonymity, the association has found a way to remain relevant. They’ve struck a balance between in-person and digital programming, recognizing people still value personal relationships. They know some benefits of face-to-face interactions cannot be replaced with technology. That being said, digital content, email newsletters, and webinars can be used to increase engagement and provide learning opportunities in between the personal meet-ups.

I am a long-time SIPA member and can remember when membership was declining steadily prior to the merger with SIIA. I’m pleased to see that today there is energy and enthusiasm in the association and a growing membership. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this organization. SIPA – you’re in good hands!

Lorna Fenimore
President, Multipub