Multipub was designed to integrate seamlessly with your website. We do this by using API’s to create a continuous data flow between our platform and your site.

For example, subscribers can update their account information on your website. Then, the corrected data is automatically uploaded into the Multipub system. These changes will be displayed on their customer record without any data entry on your end. The same automation occurs when purchases are made online, as those are automatically added to Multipub. Having this in place improves accuracy and helps companies respond to customers in real time.

Here’s How It Works
All API’s submit and retrieve data from the Mult-e-commerce database. This data is kept up-to-date with activity from the Multipub database via replication, which runs continuously. Nearly all subscriber and order fields are included with the API’s. Others can be added upon request.

You can learn more about how our API’s work by downloading our API Summary Document.

Or, schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can customize our platform for your organization here.