Multipub was designed to connect to your website in a number of ways. In addition to API’s, we also offer a hosted, Woocommerce shopping cart. Built on a WordPress platform, it communicates directly with Multipub. To achieve this connectivity, we have developed a Woo-to-MP queue, which transmits data from Woocommerce through the Mult-e-commerce API’s.

Here’s How It Works
The interface is handled by a bi-directional queue. The Woo to Multipub component sends customer registrations, address changes, orders, subscriptions and cancellations gathered on the website into Multipub. The Multipub to Woo queue sends new subscribers, address updates and orders to the website.

The queue runs on the Multipub Cloud servers and connects to Woo Commerce via the Woo Commerce Rest API’s, WordPress Rest API’s and SQL to pull and push data from Woo. Multipub has written plugins that extend the standard rest API’s to map Woo data to Multipub data. They also listen for changes to customers, orders and subscription data. Because the data flows seamlessly, our clients are able to update customer data in real-time, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

You can learn more about how our Woocommerce shopping cart works by downloading our Woo-to-MP Queue Overview.

Or, schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can customize a shopping cart for your organization here.