Multipub was designed to connect with a variety of other platforms, one of which is your website. In addition to API’s and a hosted, Woocommerce shopping cart, you can also use Multipub’s import transactions software to populate data from your website into our system.

With import transactions, users have the ability to import and export updates via flat files between their websites and Multipub. This includes new orders, renewals, payments, address changes, demographic updates, order updates and more.

Here’s How It Works
The import transaction functionality allows users to import virtually any type of transaction into Multipub. Simply collect the orders entered on your website in a .csv file. Then, create a layout in Multipub for your incoming file and finally, import the transactions into our platform. You may also export data from Multipub into a .csv file to send system updates to your website.

Both of these functionalities can be configured to occur on an automated schedule, such as nightly, or even more frequently, if desired. With nightly updates, when you walk into the office in the morning, your previous day’s web orders are already in Multipub ready for processing.

For more details about this or any other aspect of our system, schedule a meeting with us here.