Today, a large volume of orders are paid via credit card. Processing this data safely is important to a company’s continued success. We work with several credit card processors, including, Braintree, PayPal/Verisign, Cybersource and Orbital, in order to offer users a variety of options.

Our platform does not store any credit card information in the system. It instead works like this:

  1. At the time of data entry, the card number is entered into the Multipub data entry screen. This information is then encrypted and passed to the processor via a secure connection.
  2. The processor sends the information to the credit card network and then, to the issuing bank for authorization.
  3. A unique identifier is assigned to the credit card number and the transaction, so that future charges and changes can be processed with only this code.
  4. If payment is made on the website using Mult-e-commerce, the last four digits of the card, expiration date, approval code and unique identifier are all sent from the web.
  5. The unique identifier, authorization code, expiration date, and last four digits of the card number are the only items saved in Multipub.

For cancellations, the data entry operator simply accepts the payment profile listed for issuing the refund. This transaction can be completed without knowing the full credit card number, because there is a unique identifier stored with the original payment. The unique identifier and desired refund amount are both sent to the credit card processor for a refund.

Recurring billing via automatic renewals and installment billing can both be processed without the credit card number in the system as well. Multipub uses the unique identifier to send renewal orders and installment payments to the payment gateway and processor.

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