We offer three website integration options for Multipub users: API’s, a hosted shopping cart and import transactions. Each one functions differently, but all three allow users to connect their website with Multipub. Below, we’ve included brief descriptions of each one, as well as links to longer posts on every subject.

Customers who have access to web developers may choose the Mult-e-commerce API’s to provide a continuous data flow between our platform and their site. The API’s submit and retrieve data from Multipub to allow customers to build a complete user experience for their website. The data is kept up-to-date with activity from the Multipub database via replication, which runs continuously.

Hosted Shopping Cart
Built on a WordPress platform, our hosted, Woocommerce shopping cart communicates directly with Multipub. The interface is handled by a bi-directional queue. The Woo to Multipub component sends customer registrations, address changes, orders, subscriptions and cancellations gathered on the website into Multipub. The Multipub to Woo queue sends new subscribers, address updates and orders to the website.

Import Transactions
With import transactions, users have the ability to import and export updates via flat files between their website and Multipub. This includes new orders, renewals, payments, address changes, demographic updates, order updates and more.