For several weeks, we’ve been releasing excerpts from our article, “How Publishing and Subscription Software Has Changed.” Today, we’re sharing the fifth installment, and next week, we’ll provide details on how to access the entire document. In the meantime, learn more about how publishers are driving technological advancements.

Another important change is the end user is more tech savvy. In many cases, they are leading the charge for system advancements or partnering with developers to build custom solutions. They’re using multiple systems to enhance functionality and better serve their business. Their expectations are higher, and they have a greater understanding of how their systems work.

One example of this trend is the flexibility with which platforms are now designed. When many databases were first created, characters were limited by a field’s length. Additionally, users didn’t have the capability to add new fields. Now, they have greater control in how they can input data. In many systems, companies can create their own fields to collect the data they need. This kind of customization helps businesses gather the details most important to their individual company.

In addition to driving technological advancements, users are also utilizing the data very differently. In the past, they wanted canned reports, which could be easily printed. Now, they need raw data that can be exported into Excel or other analytics tools. From there, they’re using that information to generate sophisticated reports with charts and graphs to highlight trends and significant data points. They also want data to be shareable via email, so they can quickly connect with colleagues.

Next week, be sure to stop by our site to learn how you can download the entire article. But in the meantime, please consider this the beginning of a larger conversation. We’d like to hear what you’ve noticed and the changes you expect to see in the months and years to come. Post your insights using #subscriptionplatformchanges to share your perspective.

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