When it comes to calculating sales tax, we have a variety of options for Multipub users. Currently, we offer integrations with CCH, Avatax and Taxware. While each one offers a unique set of features, their interactions with Multipub fall into one of two categories.

Here’s How They Interact with Multipub
To manage sales tax with CCH, rates are downloaded from salestax.com and then uploaded into Multipub. After the numbers are added, users can set up customers as taxable or tax exempt and products can be marked as taxable or tax exempt by location. Our platform then uses these settings, along with the uploaded rates, to calculate sales tax on each line item of an order. With this option, tax calculation functionality is also available via ecommerce API’s. The sales tax reporting is managed in Multipub.

While CCH uploads data into our system, Avatax and Taxware function differently. With these, all taxable items are managed with the tax software. With both Avatax and Taxware options, Multipub calls their API’s to calculate sales tax. All sales tax reporting is available through Avatax and Taxware.

Have complex tax requirements? Email us at sales@multipub.com to learn more.