Multipub allows users to manage sales, billing, fulfillment and renewals for newsstands. Whether working with a chain of stores or a standalone vendor, our platform was designed to handle a variety of scenarios.

Users start by setting up an account for each newsstand location. Those with the same billing address can be tied to the same Billto account, making the process simple for not only Multipub users, but also their clients.

Orders are logged by entering the number of copies needed for each specific location. These are then entered with a term of one issue and set to renew automatically. Users can also input the number of copies that should be sent to each location.

After an order is shipped, it can be delivered by a route driver through Multipub’s route delivery code. With this functionality, users can even specify the sequence in which items are delivered.

To process returns, you can either enter the number of returned copies and the dollar amount to be credited for each location or import a list of transactions. For example, if you’re returning 10 copies worth $20 each, you’d enter -10 copies and a credit $200. This transaction is applied to the order and reflected on future statements.

Since the order is set to automatically renew, Multipub will automatically create the order for the next issue for a term of one with the number of copies from the original order. The process then repeats itself for fulfillment and returns.

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