Getting data out of Multipub in the format you’d like is simple with our “Design Your Own ASCII” (DYOA) functionality. It can be used to generate .csv (Comma Separated Value) files for invoices, renewals and regular issue labels. The newest capability allows you to design your own format for shipping labels. In this instance, the exported data can be utilized to submit back issues, premiums and products to an outside shipping system.

DYOA enables you to create different layouts for your various needs. These can then be utilized with the various fulfillment processes in Multipub.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by creating a layout name.
  2. Then, add the desired fields in the preferred order of your output.
  3. Insert your layout name into the schedule or process.
  4. Finally, running the process will produce the output file in your specified layout.
  5. You may then transmit the files to your mailer, printer, shipper, warehouse or shipping system for fulfillment.

Although Multipub has featured DYOA for many releases, the ability to integrate with your shipping systems adds increased flexibility to your operations.