We’re pleased to share our newest release, v14.16, is now available. You can find details on the more significant changes and perks below.

Single Sign-On
V14.16 now supports Single Sign-On (SSO). This means once your Windows User IDs are created in Multipub a separate login/password will no longer be needed, saving you valuable time. When you are ready to upgrade, send us the Windows login that corresponds to the Multipub one, and we will automatically move all files, spooler folders, etc. to the new Windows User ID.

.Net Upgrade
V14.16 also includes an upgrade to .net 4.5.2. Our installer will check to see if your system has it and if not, will install it automatically for you.

Windows XP
With this upgrade to .net, Microsoft Windows XP will no longer be supported as a client operating system.

Progress V11.6.3 Upgrade
V14.16 also utilizes an upgrade to Progress v11.6.3. This version should provide performance benefits, especially in the area of communication errors.

Import Transactions
Our import transactions now include cancellation transactions.

Several reports received big facelifts, in particular the Circulation Press Run Report and Income Comparison Report. Additionally, we removed the $ from most reports in support of a multi-currency environment.

To learn more about upgrading your system to v.14.16, contact us at support@multipub.com.