The Multipub Spooler is the file management or folder system for all reports and exports that come from Multipub. Use it to run a report and then, extract the raw data to perform additional analysis on it. For example, you can create a monthly activity report and then, export that data into an Excel document to make charts and graphs. With it, you can print, save, export or email a report.

The spooler is primarily used in these ways:

  • To manage files, exports, data dumps, etc.
  • To manage the customer data files that will be used for invoices, renewals, fulfillment or marketing analysis.
  • To perform additional calculations on reports, like monthly orders, renewal activity, earned income analysis, etc..
  • To make “big data” usable.

A holding place, you can see every report and file that has been generated in Multipub from the Spooler. Find it under the “Reports” menu or by selecting F6 anywhere in the platform. Once accessed, indicate the report and format in which you’d like to view the exported data. You can choose from .csv, .pdf, .txt, rtf, .xls, .xlsx, .mht, .html or an image.