In our upcoming release, v.14.18, Multipub users will have access to a new, time-saving functionality. Instead of scheduling activities individually for each subscriber, they can now be added electronically in mass. With this new software, users can select to schedule follow-up or marketing activities by list code, campaign or query. This change makes managing subscriber follow-up, as well as scheduling telemarketing efforts, more efficient.

After completing the v14.18 upgrade, users can follow these steps to automate activity creation:

  1. Choose which criteria will be used for generating the activities: list code, query, or campaign.
  2. Complete the entry form, selecting how the activity will be generated and to whom it will be assigned.
  3. After entering the required information, select “Ok.”
  4. At this point, your activities will be automatically added to each of the chosen subscriber records.

The tool to generate Activities is found under Marketing -> CRM Module -> Activity Codes Entry. Scheduled Activities can be found within Multipub by accessing the Subscriber Inquiry screen. Here, users can search or browse for activities by due date, activity, type, user, status and more. After running a search, they will see which activities have been assigned to them, as well as when they’re due.

To learn more about upgrading your system to v.14.18, contact us at