Multipub offers extensive group processing to simplify management of your large accounts, such as corporate accounts, associations or large gift subscriptions. Our platform stores all the details for each individual member of the group, but offers expedited processing via our Group Renewals and Quick Payments software. And, if groups are designated for online products, you may want to use our Site Licenses to simplify the management of your access control / paywall.

With Multipub, you can easily create renewal orders for members of a group. Start by entering the Billto number in the Group Renewal program. This number corresponds to the individual or company that is to receive the invoice. Then, in the same form, add the product which will be renewed, the expiration date of the orders you’d like to select and the new expiration date. Hit “Ok,” and Multipub will create the renewal order records for each individual member of that group.

Later, when your group pays their invoice, you can process it easily using our Quick Payments program. Enter the Billto or invoice number, and the system will tally the amounts due for all orders. Multipub will create the individual payment transactions for each order. To make changes to these transactions, you can simply edit the individual records.