With so many ways to engage and interact with potential subscribers, the volume of data collected can seem overwhelming. While there are a number of demographic points every company should collect, there are some factors that can actually help publishers expand their audience and sales. Below, you’ll find five data points that will help you grow your business.

  1. The Sales Source: Knowing how subscribers respond to inquiries helps businesses see which methods are most effective. Having this data allows companies to target their outreach, whether they’re using phone, email or online methods. It can also help them better allocate marketing dollars to maximize ROI – even on a client by client basis.
  2. Lifetime Value: The amount of money a person has spent with your business, as well as the total number of products purchased, can be a great indicator of how committed a customer is to your brand. If they’re making regular, varied purchases, they are more than likely loyal to you. Keeping them invested and interested is important to the overall health of your organization.
  3. Engagement: In Multipub, we collect the recency of transactions, frequency and kind of content with which users are engaging. All content is assigned a taxonomy code, making it easy for companies to see which areas are most interesting to current and prospective customers. This provides valuable insight for sales efforts.
  4. Event Attendance: Individuals who are attending physical or online events are great prospects. Tracking their engagement with your brand can help build a profile of their interests – helping you to hone in on which marketing strategies will be the most effective.
  5. The Previous Offer Accepted: The previous offer accepted can tell you which promotional benefits have the attracted the greatest response rates. When used with engagement data, it can offer important clues to future sales.