Developing robust profiles on each of your contacts can help boost engagement and convert leads to subscribers. However, there is one source of information that is often overlooked. In addition to providing new sources for leads, purchased lists can offer insight into an individual’s interests.

Our MultiList module can help you learn more about each person in your database by capturing important details. For example, if a lead came from a state bar association list, his or her record would show that. Then, as you add more lists, those details would be added if that person was included on them. You might find a contact is also an environmental lawyer, a trial lawyer and a member of a local non-profit association.

Available in the Medium, Large, or Enterprise edition of our SaaS and as an add-on for on-premise users, MultiList assigns every incoming list a code. Then, when a new one is imported, the system will append any existing records with the corresponding code. It does this without creating a duplicate record, so users can start to build more robust profiles of each contact.