For years, Multipub has supported recurring billing, autorenewals and supplemental future orders by securely storing credit card profiles and tokens. Recently, we’ve taken this functionality one step further. Our platform can now “vault” credit cards, allowing companies to collect card information in advance of actual billing.

In the past, the credit card would need to be charged at the time the first order was placed. The system would then link all future orders to that card. With vaulting, users can collect the card information, store it for future use and not make any charges until needed.

Multipub users can access this capability in our new release. Here’s how it works:

  1. Under Sub Inquiry, choose Payment Profiles.
  2. There, you’ll select the new icon, which looks like a padlock.
  3. When clicking the icon, your customer service and/or sales team can enter the information needed to create a new payment profile to store for future use.
  4. The system then calls your payment processor to authorize the card and returns the authorization information to Multipub. The credit card number is never stored in Multipub, but the authorization information enables Multipub to make future charges to that card.

credit card vaulting multipub