Although publishers often need revenue separated by product, there are times when they want to evaluate several items as a single group. With our new release, users have the capability to do just that, simplifying renewals and fulfillment.

Creating product groups helps publishers more accurately track and fulfill orders. For example, print and digital versions of the same product can be grouped together, so that when someone renews to a new format, the order will be counted as a single renewal, as opposed to two, unrelated orders.

This change applies to not only renewals and fulfillment, but also reporting. By allowing companies to group products by type, they can easily be pulled into meaningful reports. For example, publishers can now pull data, like all sales for a title or all made at a specific location. This helps users more easily analyze how related products are performing. With this new functionality, they can even place products in multiple groups.

Here’s how to create Product Groups:

  1. Go to Product Groups, which is located here: Set-Up/Product Related/Product Groups.
  2. Add a Group Name.
  3. Specify the type of group. Choose from Reporting, Renewal or Other.
  4. Start adding products to the group you’ve created. You can add more by choosing the green plus sign at the bottom right of the screen.