The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect next week, May 25, 2018. In the past, we’ve shared the five things you should know about the EU GDPR, but today, we’re discussing how Multipub is addressing the new regulation.

While most of the compliance is up to the individual organization and goes outside the scope of processing data in our platform, we recommend that each publisher conducting business with EU residents is:

  • Receiving consent for any information being gathered.
  • Only storing data for which consent was given.
  • Only using the data for the purpose intended.
  • Only sharing data if needed to fulfill the purpose for which consent was given.

Multipub is providing two enhanced features to help you meet the requirements:

  • Right of Access: With the GDPR, companies need to be able to show customers the data they are storing for each subscriber. We’re offering a new report accessible from the “Subscriber Browse” screen that provides you with the ability to easily view, print or email a detailed report to the subscriber showing all the data stored in the database for that individual. If a subscriber calls and requests to see this information, the report can easily be generated and emailed to the subscriber.
  • Right to be Forgotten or Right of Erasure: Companies need to offer their customers the “right to be forgotten,” which includes assurance that all subscriber personal information has been deleted from the system. To accommodate this, we have added a new feature, which allows you to choose to delete a customer’s information from the database. Please note this feature does not locate any copies of back-ups, old report files, etc. that you may have on file. Multipub users are encouraged to maintain only the necessary back-ups, keep spoolers clean and use a centralized document storage system, rather than emailing files to employees and vendors.

Multipub users can access more  information on the GDPR and our platform by logging into our support site. 

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