We’ve shared our tips for creating renewal campaigns, but today, we’re discussing some of our favorite ways to troubleshoot them.

To determine where the error may have occurred, we recommend accessing the Process Campaigns grid. This is the best place to see a snapshot of your campaign. Here, you can also find the current effort number.

From this screen, you can begin checking for these common errors:

  • If the last effort date is not the sort date, that effort did not post correctly.
  • All efforts must be processed consecutively. For example, a subscriber can’t receive effort number three until they’ve received effort two.
  • Under the Missing Issue Policies by Product, check if the system is configured to add reactivated orders to a campaign. It’s worth noting you can specify if they can be automatically added to a campaign, as well as which effort they should receive next.
  • If you didn’t receive as many campaign statements as you expected, make sure the efforts are marked to include Expired Subscribers.
  • If the renewal notice was addressed to the incorrect BillTo or subscriber, look at the BillTo record to see if it was marked to receive renewal notices and the campaign schedule to see if the effort was scheduled to go to the BillTo or the subscriber.