Recently, we sat down with three people who have been instrumental in developing Multipub over the years. Our founder, Gay Manning; our Chief Technology Officer, Nancy Spear; and our Director of Software Development, Tony Prettyman, weighed in on their favorite new developments. Here’s what they had to say.

As Multipub has evolved over the years, what has been your favorite new development?

Nancy: The WooCommerce integration has been my favorite. Adding a hosted shopping cart allowed us to serve our clients in a new way, while still providing the connectivity they need.

Gay: The creation of Mult-e-commerce has been my favorite. It helped us stay relevant, as the world was changing. Clients conduct the majority of their business online, and with this addition, we’ve been able to support them.

Tony: The ability for users to create their own layouts for labels, invoices, campaigns, importing transactions, etc. is a newer feature, but I like how it allows our clients to streamline and customize the system.

What do you think has been the most significant change made to the platform? Why?

Nancy: The ability to take data from external systems – shopping carts, engagement data, etc. – and store it in Multipub has been the most significant change over the years. That is the way the world is going. This enables our clients to build a “best of breed technology stack” and marry the information from these systems with their Multipub data.

Gay: Hosting our clients’ databases on the Cloud has been a huge change. It eliminates the need for them to maintain hardware at their site, which saves them money.

Tony: I agree. Our software as a service option has offered a number of benefits to clients. Particularly, the costs are less, because they don’t’ have to have someone on site to manage and maintain it.

Which new Multipub development has been the most beneficial to clients? Why?

Nancy: I think importing data from external systems into Multipub has been the most beneficial. It allows users to customize the system how they’d like, instead of having to enter everything again. There’s no duplication, as everything is automated.

Gay: It’s hard to narrow it down to one. I’d say Access Days products, which allows the client to recognize revenue daily without the need for processing issues. They can have the process run automatically on a daily basis, if they choose, which saves them personnel costs. The tracking of income at the subscriber order line level by product has also been very beneficial. This allows our users to track their income by any demographic on the subscribers record or order record

Tony: Tracking Engagement Data has added a whole new dimension to our Multipub database. Now, not only can customers know how long someone has been a subscriber and how much money they have spent, they can also see which articles have been read, emails opened and clicked, and items downloaded. This really can give customers a 360 degree view of their audience.