Multipub’s queries are incredibly useful and robust. For many users, they can get quite complex very quickly. In this post, we’re sharing information on each of the outputs available. These time-saving tools help publishers access the data they need quickly and easily.

Pre-Defined Reports
There are several output formats that will produce your data in a canned report. Output options include Subscriber Lists Summary & Detail, Order Lists Summary & Detail, Billto Lists Summary & Detail, Transaction History Lists Detail & Totals Only, Campaign Lists Detail & Totals Only, List Names Details and Totals Only, and a Totals Only option.

ASCII/List Output
This query allows the user to export their results to an ASCII file with a custom layout. Users can define their own parameters for this report prior to running the query. The user can create their own file layout using the Output Format Fields menu option.

Query Labels
Using this tool, users can create labels for the records selected in the query. As they are being generated, the screen will prompt for a label control, which is used to specify the label output format. You can use an existing one or create your own by choosing Fulfillment > Label Controls > Label Control.

Query Order Change
The purpose of this option is to make mass changes to specific chosen fields for the orders selected with the query. It’s important to note fields affecting accounting transactions, such as term, copies, sales amounts, etc., cannot be changed; therefore, only type B (controlled) and C (comp) orders are allowed to be updated via this option. Access to this tool can be limited to a specific group of users through Security Setup, as well as being password protected.

Query Circ Analysis
Query Circ Analysis is used to create Circulation Analysis Reports for the orders selected in the query. Users can choose to run the following reports: Qualification Source Breakdown, Business/Occupational Breakdown by Title, Geographic Circulation Analysis, Type Report, and/or Cross Hatch Report.

Supplemental Orders
The Supplemental Orders program provides the user with the ability to generate orders for a specific group of subscribers for a specific product. This option can be used if you need to ship products with or without an invoice to subscribers that meet certain criteria.

Compare Queries
The Compare Queries option is a utility that takes the results of two queries and compares them to one another. You can choose to look for matches or for records that don’t match in the query results.

Generate Campaigns
There are occasions when you’d like to generate marketing or renewal campaigns for subscribers that meet very specific or complex criteria. The Generate Campaigns option allows you to create campaigns based on the selection criteria for a query.

Postal Output
The Postal Output option enables the user to generate a file of records to run through a USPS update service for CASS certification or other address updates. This file can then be used to import these address updates via the Address Update software.

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