As companies continue to grow digitally, more system functionality is needed. Integrations help us connect with platforms our clients are currently using, as well as offer new technologies. Recently, we interviewed Josh Brewington, our director of client services, on the topic. He shared more on the role integrations will play in the future and where he thinks Multipub is headed.

As publisher’s collect more data, systems, like Multipub, are being asked to do more. What kind of role do you think integrations will play in that?
Multipub is really focused on integrations with our customers right now. Our client base has a multitude of solutions (web systems, email systems, payment systems, engagement data, IVR systems, etc) that collect data at different points, and we are constantly working on ways to ensure Multipub integrates with those tools in a meaningful and powerful way.

How do you continue to keep Multipub flexible in the changing market?
We are able to stay flexible by keeping on top of new technologies and utilizing them when they add value to our offering and ultimately, make sense for our customers’ business needs.

Where does the development team get its ideas for what to build or develop next?
We get many of our development ideas by communicating with our customers. Some of them come from our user group meetings (such as MPUG). We also find them through established relationships and consulting projects we’re performing for existing customers. Through those efforts, we learn more about how a client’s business needs have evolved and what role Multipub can play in taking them to that “next level.” Finally, new installations with a diverse client base are another source of inspiration.

How do you determine if a new development should be made internally or if an integration is the best way to go?
We typically will choose an integration if someone else is already providing the functionality needed well and if its price is a good fit for our customers. If we determine the need is unique to our segment or the best way for it to be done is with native development, we will tackle it that way.

What do you look for in integration partners?
We look for vendor partners that solve the needs of our client base, are cost effective, and value adding. They must also provide a great level of service and support to their customers. In addition, we consider market-share and ratings. They should be able to demonstrate a clear value and level of success to give our clients a sense of security and the confidence their needs will be met.

Looking ahead, how do you see Multipub evolving in the next 5 years?
We will continue to leverage our flexibility in the next five years. You will see even more integrations with other systems to benefit of our clients. We will also be supporting users in building a “best of breed” tech stack, where we focus on what we do best.