With the holiday season rapidly approaching, gift subscriptions sales begin to rise for Multipub users. In this post, we’re discussing how our platform manages them.

In Multipub, gift subscriptions are treated as “groups.” The Billto’s address is stored on their subscriber record, but any additional billing information for the purchaser should be entered into the BillTo file, which is kept separately from the subscriber file. You can create or update a BillTo file using one of three programs within Multipub. They include:

  • Customer Service Menu / BillTo Maintenance
  • Daily / BillTo Entry
  • Daily / Data Entry /Paid Order Entry.

Once you access the screen from any of these three areas, the information required is the same.

Some of the setup options for establishing a Billto are as follows:

  • Group Invoices: If group invoices should be produced, answer Group Invoices = Yes
  • Renewal to BillTo: If renewals, as well as invoices, should be addressed to the BillTo, answer Renewal to BillTo = Yes

To create a new, gift subscription order, you will need to establish:

  • The BillTo to which invoices or renewals should be sent.
  • The Subscriber record for the recipient of the gift.
  • The order details for the product, rate, source, etc.

Ready to learn more? Keep an eye out for a second post on gift subscription renewals in the coming weeks.