A few weeks ago, we covered how gift subscriptions work in Multipub. We shared how to setup BillTo (the donor or billing address) and assign it to an order for a subscriber. Today, we’re continuing that discussion by highlighting how to handle gift subscription renewals.

As you may have learned in our previous post, gift subscriptions are treated as “groups” in Multipub. The first step is to “Generate the Renewal Campaign.” Keep in mind all orders for the group, within the range of expire dates, will be selected. These campaigns are just like individual renewal notices, except that if the campaign schedule says “Renewal to BillTo” = YES, then a Group Renewal notice can be produced.

When a group responds they’d like to be renewed, you can issue a renewal by using Group Renewals and following these steps.

  1. The program will prompt you to enter a pre-established batch number.
  2. Then, you can select the BillTo number, product code or product type; the expiration date range; the new expire date; and any payment information.
  3. The program will automatically generate the renewal orders for all expiring orders for the BillTo that meet the criteria entered.

The following conditions must be met to generate a renewal notice listing for all subscribers from the donor on a single gift subscription renewal:

  • The expire dates must fall within the renewal campaign’s range.
  • The BillTo on the order must be entered.
  • The Group BillTo must be set to Group Renewals.
  • The campaign schedule must say “Renewal to BillTo.”

If you want to ensure all gift subscriptions given by a donor have the same expiration date, you can use the “Create Group Expires” program. Here’s how it works:

  • Prior to creating the renewals, run the Create Group Expires program. It is accessed through the Group Expire Entry Program under Marketing/Campaigns/Group Expire Entry or Daily/ Data Entry/ Group Expire Entry.
  • Then, enter a Product or Product Type to create a common expire record for a Group BillTo based on the specified Product or Product Type.
  • “Expire Copies” and “Active Copies” will be provided based on the above parameters.
  • Then, if some orders have different expire dates, those individual orders will be prorated on the renewal statement.