As you all are aware, we currently face a COVID-19 outbreak around the world. Many of our customers have implemented Work from Home Policies in response.

Multipub is here with you to ensure your business can continue to function as normally as possible. We’d also like to assure you that our platform can be accessed remotely with a few steps, in order to avoid any disruption in the availability of your system.

The security policy for normal Multipub access is that all users’ IP addresses must be whitelisted. We recommend all customers have strong VPN or remote desktop connections for remote access; however, if those are unavailable or unreliable for users that must work from home or other locations, then Multipub can allow access to those Whitelisted IP addresses and a local client install on the remote machine. Please note you may need an alternative client software installed, if your windows username is different on the machine you are using remotely than your normal work PC.

If you need to obtain your alternate IP address, we recommend utilizing (type this URL into your web browser, and it will direct you to a page that will show you your “Current IP Address”). You can provide us with the IP address by opening a ticket on our portal, or by emailing us at with details.

Further, Multipub is able to support you completely remotely (if necessary), as we have a strong Cloud infrastructure and agile team that is able to plug in and work remotely with very little disruption to our availability.

While we know these are concerning times, Multipub is committed to continuing to provide the same level of service and reliability to all of our customers, as you have come to expect, and we look forward to helping you solve any business challenges that you and your teams face.