As we primarily serve content providers, many of our clients are considered essential. Whether they are working from home or at the office, they are continuing to deliver important updates to their readers. In this post, we compiled four strategies publishers can use to pivot their businesses, along with details on how they are supported in Multipub.

  1. In this climate of declining ad sales, maintaining and growing a strong subscriber base is of the utmost importance. If you are not already, start by reviewing revenue daily. To utilize this option for Access Day products, we recommend setting daily revenue recognition to automatically run each night. Information generated in those reports can aid in making decisions that will solidify the company’s financial position and identify areas of growth, including whether you are gaining or losing subscribers each day.
  2. With many professionals working from home, it’s a great idea to reach out to subscribers and determine where they’d like their magazines or newspapers delivered. After the new information is gathered, you could add a demographic field to indicate if the address is a home or office. In Multipub, you can also use the “vacation” option. Our platform will record the change no matter what, but having both addresses in the future might be beneficial.
  3. Some of our clients are extending expiration dates by a month to help subscribers. When making this change in Multipub, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you simply move the expiration date back, the system will give the subscriber the last month for free – not the current one. However, if you change the term and expiration date, then, it will charge the amount of revenue earned with each issue. Both methods work. Choose the one that is the best fit for your accounting goals.
  4. News and updates have become invaluable during this rapidly changing time. Some publishers are removing paywalls to give more people access. Instead of taking them down completely, ask users to register for free before viewing articles. Then, you can market to those qualified leads later. Another option is to offer a 90-day trial. Using this strategy will provide you with great engagement data and a list of new prospects to whom you can market.