Our development team has been hard at work creating the next release of Multipub. To enhance our platform’s capabilities, we partnered closely with a leading newspaper. Working together, we developed solutions that allow publishers to automate aspects of their complex business and do more with less.

While the list of improvements is extensive, the largest changes include the addition of a carrier delivery system, single copy sales functionality, a dispatch system and new reports. Below, you’ll find more information about each of these highly sought-after features.

The Carrier Deliver System offers users the ability to:

  • Manage carriers.
  • Automatically assign routes based on address.
  • Set-up customized carrier rates based on the day of the week and issue type.
  • Track carrier supply purchases.
  • Produce carrier statements with revenue and expenses.
  • Create manifests for trucks and carriers, helping them to manage deliveries and returns.

To manage single copy sales, users can now:

  • Set-up all locations.
  • Establish the draw for each location.
  • Process any returns, issuing credits for items not sold.
  • Produce billing statements showing draw less returns.
  • Create manifests for trucks and carriers, helping them to manage deliveries and returns.

Some of the other large changes include:

  • A new dispatch system, which helps publishers send out replacement copies the same day and identifies an efficient approach to get them to a subscriber.
  • Customer management features that flag client complaints and automatically emails them to the appropriate staff member. This helps papers monitor issues with items, like editorial content or carrier deliveries.
  • Special reports that meet newspaper AAM requirements.

Discover how v.15 is helping publishers manage and automate critical aspects of their business. Email us at sales@multipub.com to learn more.