For years, Multipub has been an active supporter of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). Their annual CODiE Awards were recently announced, and our president, Lorna Fenimore, participated in the recognition video for the Business Technology recipients.

A past judge for the award, she had this to say about the CODiES, “As a software developer, it’s great to be a part of recognizing companies who are delivering complex, robust products. SIIA’s commitment to encouraging data excellence and providing high-quality, professional development resources are just a few of the reasons why we continue to be a proud member of this organization.”

You can watch the video below to learn more about the honorees.

What Are the CODiE Awards?

The CODiE Awards have been around for 35 years. A peer-recognized program, they honor software, education, information and media products in the business and education technology industries. They look for solutions that have achieved excellence and innovation. Past recipients have included household names, like Microsoft and IBM.

The 2020 CODiE Recipients

You can find the full list of those who were recognized here.

Who is SIIA?

SIIA is a professional association supporting those in the software and digital content industry. They have a global presence and are the parent organization of several divisions. Over the years, Multipub has had extensive involvement with three of these:

  • Specialized Information Publisher’s Association (SIPA): Multipub has been a long-time supporter of SIPA and works with many of their members. In fact, our president, Lorna Fenimore, has previously served on the board.
  • Connectiv – Business Information Association: Multipub has also been a supporter of Connectiv and works with several of their members.
  • Software & Services Division (SSD): Lorna has served on the SSD board, and as an organization, we take advantage of their member benefits.