It’s considered an accounting best practice to have a system of checks and balances in place. Often, in its simplest terms, that means one person enters transactions and another counts the money. This can help companies prevent and detect fraud, as no one person has control over an entire transaction.

However, as more companies have shifted to a work from home model, maintaining this set-up can pose some logistical challenges. Designed to support a variety of work methods, our subscription management platform, Multipub, has system controls in place that can be integrated with your remote efforts. Here, we’ve outlined three you can implement now.

Three System Controls Publishers Can Use Remotely

  1. Set batch totals to indicate the number of transactions that can be entered. This provides a check that none have been missed.
  2. Specify the number of orders that will be entered in a batch by a specific person. For example, you can indicate that he or she should process 30 transactions and the cash should equal a pre-determined amount. Then, to close out the batch, the number of transactions and cash must match what was previously defined.
  3. Restrict site access. With Multipub, you can give people access to just a few parts of the system while they are working from home.

To learn more about how Multipub integrates system controls and accounting best practices, contact us at In the meantime, learn more from the articles listed below.

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