With more employees working remotely, publishers are looking for external support. We’ve been helping companies manage parts of their customer service and fulfillment programs for years with Multipub Full-Service. Below, we’re answering all of your most frequently asked questions. Learn how it can be customized, where we can help and how much it costs.

How does Multipub Full-Service work?
We start by asking prospective users to complete a worksheet outlining their needs. From that, we create a custom package and quote, detailing our work arrangement. We’ll indicate the items our team will cover, as well as the activities you might still like to manage in-house.

Once a quote is approved, we’ll begin the conversion process. When you are live with Multipub Full-Service, we’ll begin performing the requested tasks on your behalf. During our partnership, you’ll have access to your data and the entire system at any time.

What kinds of services do you offer?
Our services fall into two primary categories. Learn more about our fulfillment services here and our customer service offerings here.

Can we pick and choose the services we’d like to use, or do you have standard packages?
We have a suite of services from which clients can choose. They can mix and match our offerings to create a personalized package that best meets their needs and budget.

How much does it cost?
Pricing depends on the services chosen and is volume based. We will use your selections to create a proposal that reflects your needs and budgets. As we’ve worked with publishers, many have discovered that Multipub Full-Service is often a more cost-effective solution than what they’re currently using.

Will I be able to access my data, while I’m a Multipub Full-Service customer?
Absolutely! You can access your data at any time and monitor the work we’re doing.

Who answers the phones?
Our skilled team can answer your phones if you wish. While we do take inbound calls, we do not make outbound ones.

Do you respond to emails?
Yes, we can respond to inbound emails and customer requests.

What is the conversion process like?
The conversion process is a cooperative effort between you and our team. In addition to sending us your data and coordinating reports (like Aged Accounts Receivable, Deferred Revenue, and counts of active subscriptions), we ask that you complete our questionnaire to provide information regarding how you sell, service, track and manage your customers and products. We then work with you to configure all the setup tables and map the data from your current system into Multipub. Our programming team then converts the data into our database, assuring that the data loaded into Multipub balances to the data provided to us.

How long is the full-service conversion process?
It takes a few months to convert to Multipub Full-Service. However, this can vary depending on the lead time provided, the size of your files and the number and complexity of the products.

Can we use Multipub Full-Service temporarily or do we have to commit to a multi-year contract?
Yes, you can make Multipub Full-Service a temporary solution or a more permanent one. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll work to craft a solution for you.

Find out how Multipub Full-Service can support your team. Email us at sales@multipub.com to learn more.