Manage all your single copy distribution channels with our new single copy sales module. It was designed to help publishers seamlessly handle the complex details associated with retail outlets, newsstands and racks. Whether you are automating how draws and returns are tracked or producing billing statements and manifests, you can use it to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your team.

This new functionality is part of our v.15 release, which was developed with input from a leading newspaper. Use this component of our subscription management platform to:

  • Set-up single copy locations, such as retail outlets and racks. For each, you can identify the address and any special delivery instructions.
  • Establish a unique draw for each location and track how many were delivered with each issue. With our subscription management platform, you even have the option to assign customized pricing for certain editions, as well as specific draws for each issue.
  • Keep your balance sheet current and your statements accurate. Process returns and issue credits for items not sold. Then, utilize our manifests to easily record and enter or import the copies returned for each issue.
  • Generate billing statements showing draws less returns. Use this information to help manage cashflow.
  • Help trucks and carriers manage deliveries and returns by automatically producing manifests. Each one can show the number of copies to be delivered to each location for every issue.

Discover how our single copy sales module can work for you. Email us at to learn more.